Three Abreast <> is a web-based sitcom about my life that utilizes technologies unique to the Internet. The conceptual and technological innovation of the work is a mechanism termed, “The Comedy Extender”.

This feature automatically triggers dynamic content that complements the video narrative, such as: background notes, links to related web sites, and downloadable material (MP3 files, text files, images). This unique feature is a direct extension of emerging narrative structures that are heavily threaded with references. “The Comedy Extender” acknowledges the multi-tasking aesthetic of narrative that the digital / on-line culture has fostered.

The storylines are drawn from personal experiences and it is filmed inside my actual home, drawing comparisons to other identity strategies on the Internet – such as home web-cam sites. As the concept of identity continues to evolve on the Internet, this work challenges the viewer to question what is real in the on-line ‘space’ of the Internet.

Three Abreast enjoyed a whirlwind first run from March until July 2002. The site is currently in hiatus and someday, somehow, but will be 'relaunched' in some form. For now, you can watch the legendary pilot episode - Bigger Night (a exclusive!)