Survive Home Building Stress

You’re building a new house- that’s so exciting! You have a chance to make your home exactly what you want- from the location to the size, to the color and even stone steps and landscaping. It could be the best project of your entire life, or it could be the end of life as you know it. You should know that building a home involves lots of stress. Remember though, there are others who have survived this process- and you will too! Read on for some tips on how to survive the stress of building your dream home.

First of all, remember to breathe – it’s only kitchen renovations Winnipeg. Take deep breaths, emphasizing the exhale in order to relieve stress. Also, when you focus on your breathing, it reminds you that you really are still breathing. Put the stress of building your dream home into perspective. After all, it’s only brick and mortar- it’s not life and death. Keep this in mind when you want to go ballistic on someone over the window being put in the wrong spot.

Remember to take your time. Building a house really does take months- and fine tuning it can take years. So, when the contractor is telling you how long each of the phases is going to take, simply smile and remind yourself that he’s not telling you the truth. He’s not exactly lying- he’s just not going to be able to bring the project in on time- they never can. There are lots of variables that must be coordinated when building a house. Each of them represents an opportunity to cause a delay. Understand that the timetable presented is simply a guesstimate and you’ll be able to avoid being unnecessarily stressed out.

Make sure to guard your budget. You can set a budget, but chances are- when building your dream home- it could easily creep over your budget and result in you stressing out, even with renovations and kitchen design plans. Make sure you have a small contingency fund into your budget for any errors. Also, be aware that each and every construction decision you make will most likely have some cost attached to it. For example, if your budget included laminate countertops, but you decide you want granite- you’re going to go over your budget. So, when the contractor comes to you on the site and asks you to make a decision- ask him what the cost will be.

Have a safe place during this construction process. If you must live on site, have a place set aside where you can get away from the stress that building and moving will cause. Reduce your feelings of stress by allowing yourself to spend an hour or so each day in this safe place and think about something besides the construction.

Finally, know that this construction process can’t go on forever. It will eventually be over and the contractors will go away. So, remember that when you start to feel overwhelmed.